Next to Lemon water, Cucumber water is a top choice for those giving infusion a try for the first time and can be found anywhere from yoga studios to hotel lobbies. Most vegetables don’t contain as much juice as fruits, so the flavors achieved from infusion are much more subtle. Keep this in mind when deciding what ingredients to pair cucumber with so the flavors don’t get lost.


¼ cucumber, cut into slices
2 strawberries, cut into slices 
½ lime, cut into slices
Ice cold water



Add cucumber, strawberries and lime to the fruit basket, place the filter and attach to the bottle. Fill up the bottle up with iced water and screw on the lid. Squeeze the bottom to inject some flavor and enjoy!


Cucumber water benefits:

Since you aren’t “juicing” the cucumber as you would with lime, lemon, or orange there won’t be as many added vitamins or minerals, but it still provides a healthy serving of antioxidants and hydration. Proper hydration = healthier-looking skin!

Tip:  It’s a little bit more work but to optimize the usage of cucumber, slice it as thin as possible. This will increase the overall surface area and maximize the infusion!